🚀 Level up your animation game with Stability AI's Stable Animation SDK - the ultimate text-to-animation tool for developers! 💥 #animation #development

May 11 2023 | AI News
Stability AI, the world’s leading open-source AI company, has launched Stable Animation SDK – a tool that empowers artists and developers to generate stunning animations with the most advanced Stable Diffusion models. Users can create animations in various ways, through prompts, source images or videos. With this new SDK, users can use all the Stable Diffusion models to create animations. The SDK comes in three ways to create animations – Text to animation, Text input + initial image input and Input video + text input. Join the Discord community for animation artists to learn more.

What does it mean?

  • SDK: software development kit, a set of tools and resources for developers to create software applications.
  • Stable Diffusion models: a type of artificial intelligence model used to predict and generate complex patterns of data, including animations.
  • Prompts: a prompt is a suggestion or a set of instructions provided to a user to create a specific animation.
  • Discord community: a chat and community platform popular among developers and other technology enthusiasts.
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