Issue #26 - I have a bridge to sell you

August 26, 2023
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In This Issue

  • AI is as accurate as two radiologists, when it comes to breast cancer screening, according to the largest study of its kind.
  • OpenAI suggests that its GPT-4 model could take over one of the most complex and toxic jobs in the world: content moderation.
  • Wimbledon, the oldest tennis tournament in the world, is considering replacing line judges with AI.
  • The CEO of WPP, one of the largest ad agencies in the world, says that savings from generative AI can be “10 to 20 times.”
  • Not every software developer is thrilled about generative AI. Some are really concerned for their future.
  • eBay has started using generative AI to embellish the products sold by its users to the point of turning sellers’ listings into commercials.
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