Issue #61 - Is that your jaw the one on the floor?

May 13, 2024
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In This Issue

  • PSA
    • Announcing a new show: Reality Distortion Fields.
  • Editorial
    • There’s a growing disconnect between AI announcements and the reality of what AI can do.
  • What Caught My Attention This Week
    • Microsoft’s strategy for large language models seems at odds with their partnership with OpenAI.
    • OpenAI introduces the new GTP-4o model. This is how I think about it.
  • A Chart to Look Smart
    • Microsoft 4th Annual Work Trend Index paints an odd story about AI in the workplace.
  • The Tools of the Trade
    • Exceptionally promising fine-tuned versions of LLaMA 3 to keep an eye on for company adoption.


Before we start this week’s issue, an apology and a little announcement.

First, the apology:

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