Issue #27 - Sport is for Mathematicians

September 2, 2023
Splendid Edition
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In This Issue

  • What’s AI Doing for Companies Like Mine?
    • Learn what General Motors, RXO, XPO, Phlo Systems, and Amazon Prime Video are doing with AI.
  • Prompting
    • Learn how to use ChatGPT Custom Instructions to automatically apply the How to Prompt best practices to every chat.
  • What Can AI Do for Me?
    • Learn how to use Custom Instructions to turn GPT-4 into a marketing advisor following the lessons of Seth Godin.

This week’s Splendid Edition will hopefully show you a glimpse of the astonishing power of large language models thanks to a rather understated new feature of ChatGPT: Custom Instructions.

The things I share with you every week, I research and test them just before writing about them. In a sense, this newsletter is like a journal of experiments that I share with you in almost real-time.

And occasionally, I discover things I’m really excited to share with you. This is one of those weeks.


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