Issue #7 - How Not to Do Product Reviews

April 7, 2023
Splendid Edition
In This Issue

  • The ten AI-first products I use on daily basis
  • How to compare the AI models from A12 Labs, Anthropic, Cohere, Eleuther AI, Google, Meta, OpenAI, etc.
  • How I use GPT-4 Plus to do things I am crap at (and how it feels like being in an Iron Man movie)
  • What’s the job-to-be-done of a chatbot/assistant? And where do people feel more natural to find it?
  • How I used Perplexity AI to do things I am not crap at, but I don’t have time to do
  • Do we need bigger AI models or better prompt engineering skills?
  • What does it mean for an AI company to compete against OpenAI? And for how long is it sustainable?
  • How much money will you be happy to pay for GPT-22?

This week we are going to do something very different from the usual.

So far, the Splendid Edition of Synthetic Work offered an in-depth review of how AI is impacting each industry of our economy.

For example, Issue #2 was dedicated to the Legal industry: Law firms’ morale at an all-time high now that they can use AI to generate evil plans to charge customers more money

Issue #4 was dedicated to the Health Care industry: Medical AI to open new hospital in the metaverse to assist (human) ex doctors affected by severe depression

And, gloriously, Issue #1 was dedicated to the Education industry: Burn the books, ban AI. Screwed teachers: Middle Ages are so sexy.

This type of content goes in a section of the Splendid Edition called “Screwed Industries”. We’ll resume that programming soon.

But there’s another section I mentioned in Issue #0 that we have yet to use: If Your Only Tool is a Hammer…

The logic behind that section is that it’s incredibly important to understand how AI is transforming the way we work across these industries, regardless of our line of work. What AI-first tools that are replacing existing software and services, redefining market shares and productivity.

So today we talk about the AI-first tools that I personally use on daily basis.

This is not a list of AI tools I never heard of that I’m passing to you for consideration. A list of blurbs written by copying and pasting from some product descriptions.

My work depends on these tools. I know them intimately. And I’m vouching for them by describing them in this Splendid Edition. Which is very uncommon: I rarely recommend anything to people.

As an individual, you might want to give these tools a go, perhaps to boost your productivity and stand out compared to your coworkers at the office.

As an organization, especially if you represent a technology vendor, you might want to think if there’s an opportunity to productize some of these products, commercialize them via OEM agreements, or replicate them, adapting their capabilities to target the audience you intend to reach (e.g., large enterprises).

As a former tech executive in charge of business and product strategy, what I’ll say below about these tools is wildly different from what you’d read in press articles. And talking about the tools is an excuse to talk many other things like product strategy, competition, and user experience.

All of this is to say that I was bored with writing about specific industries and wanted a break.

There. I said it.

Happy now?

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