Issue #16 - The Devil’s Advocate

June 11, 2023
Splendid Edition
In This Issue

  • McKinsey and Company has allowed almost 15,000 employees in its workforce to use ChatGPT and other AI tools.
  • The Financial Times embraces generative AI with a new editorial policy while CNET has to rectify theirs.
  • BuzzFeed is now using AI to power a second section of its website, dedicated to recipe generation. The CEO believes that “over the next few years, generative AI will replace the majority of static content.”
  • Blackstone is using AI to help the employees of its portfolio companies to reduce the health costs associated with diabetes.
  • In the Prompting section, we review a technique I call The Devil’s Advocate to help you make better decisions.

As some of you have seen on social media, I’ve started offering Advisory & Consulting services in a new section of Synthetic Work:

The demand is simply enormous and this is a more efficient way to answer the most frequently asked questions I keep receiving.

If you need help with the most transformational technology, and the biggest business opportunity, of our times, reach out.

End of the plug. End of the intro.

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