Issue #19 - Let's collapse some models, there's money to be made

July 2, 2023
Free Edition
In This Issue

  • Students don’t feel too reassured about their future in a world powered by AI. If only they could read Marc Andreessen’s blog posts…
  • A Stanford professor and a former Google PM make the case that companies must be much bolder than in the past to avoid mass unemployment due to AI.
  • GitHub publishes an interesting update on the adoption of Copilot and attempts a calculation of the economic impact of AI-powered software development.
  • People working for Amazon Mechanical Turk and cutting corners with AI might be contributing to a dreadful-sounding phenomenon called “Model Collapse”.
  • is the latest startup promising to make research a walk in the park. What could go wrong?

P.s.: This week’s Splendid Edition is titled How to turn Visual Studio Code into the ultimate writing tool for people that don’t write a single line of code.

In it, you’ll read exactly that: a very long explanation of how I have set up Visual Studio Code to boost my writing to unprecedented speed thanks to Copilot and many other extensions.

This issue is strictly for non-technical people.

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