Mountain View

Google offers a series of pre-trained AI foundation models developed by multiple divisions within the company, including DeepMind, currently headquartered in London.

One of these models is called PaLM 2, and powers the AI chatbot called Bard.

Google is mentioned in the following issues of Synthetic Work:

Splendid Edition

Issue #36 - Immortals
Issue #19 - How to turn Visual Studio Code into the ultimate writing tool for people who don't write a single line of code
Issue #12 - And You Thought That Horoscopes Couldn't Be Any Worse
Issue #4 - Medical AI to open new hospital in the metaverse to assist (human) ex doctors affected by severe depression

Free Edition

Issue #28 - Can't Kill a Ghost
Issue #24 - Cannibals
Issue #7 - The Human Computer
Last Update: December 2023